Conceptual Portrait

It takes all sorts to make up the world. 2012 Artist Anonymous Mixed media

This is a conceptual portrait project that will originate from photographs. I am collecting photo submissions from individuals that are interested in participating. The final piece will include a selection of portraits that illustrate each subject’s unique identity. The individuals who are incorporated into the final artwork will remain anonymous and receive a completed image that I will manipulate in an artistic manner via email. The artist will remain anonymous, however, the subjects are allowed to share as much personal information as they wish.
– Submit at least 1 photograph of yourself that defines who you are as an individual (up to 10 images are allowed).
– Include a caption of text that explains who you are in words. It is preferred that the caption is handwritten with a marker on paper or another surface that can then be scanned or photographed into a digital file for emailing; however, typed text is also acceptable.
– Please feel free to include any other photographs of items that you feel represent you.
– Optional -- include any or all of the following: your name, age, secret, insecurity, and
birthday wish 
It takes all sorts to make up the world.
Artist Anonymous
40 x 44"
Mixed media
For this conceptual portrait, I sought out random individuals from around the world who were willing to contribute to a creative artwork illustrating their unique identities. Participants were asked to submit a photographed self-portrait as well as a handwritten or typed caption that best verbalized his or her identity. The subjects were permitted to include up to ten photographs of anything that further characterized themselves. The prompt also extended the option to share one’s name, age, secrets, insecurities, and birthday wish. Each individual, however, held the power to reveal as much or as little information as he or she desired. Those who were incorporated into the final piece will receive a completed digital image of their artistically manipulated portrait via email. However, I will remain anonymous.
I was inspired to collect fortune cookie fortunes after opening the same fortune,”You have a yearning for perfection,” three times in a row at three different restaurants. This fortune resonated with me as I have always characterized myself as somewhat of a perfectionist. This project pushed my artistic boundaries by allowing my subjects take control of the final product. I was forced to work with the materials provided and had to relinquish control over deadlines, content and participants. I used the fortunes to help me discover both links between the individual submissions and also my personal interpretation of them. Finally, I added personal items such as the metal heart paperweight and office supplies to make my own mark. 
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